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Thunder B Airsoft Flashbang Training Grenade Core Set

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Thunder B Airsoft Flashbang Training Grenade Core Set

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Most versatile training flashbang, 1 core unit, 12 spare shells, very loud

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The Thunder B training grenade is one of the most dynamic training flashbangs available.  Easy and cheap to reuse, the Thunder B is an ideal training tool for airsoft, law enforcement, or other tactical training.  While other training flashbangs or distraction devices use proprietary charges and require complicated setup, the Thunder B uses commonly available 12g CO2 cartridges and the inexpensive replaceable shell casing to provide over 120db on detonation.

Operation is simple, and identical to a real grenade or flashbang.  Pull the pin, and when the spoon is released it starts a 3 second delay before detonation.  The only part to pick up is the flashbang itself, as the spooon stays connected to the unit.  Keep a hold of the pin, as the pin is reused to reload and ready the training device.

Reloading is accomplished by removing the outer shell, inserting a new CO2 cartridge, and screwing on a new Soundflash shell.  The simple internal mechanism requires little maintenance, and is easily adjustable to shorten or lengthen delay time.

Realistic operation
Identical size to real Flashbang
Inexpensive to reuse
Loud Detonation, over 120db

Each Core Set comes with one core unit, which comprises the CO2 stem, grenade head housing, and spoon.  Included are spare internal washers and 2 pins.  The Soundflash, or flashbang core kit comes with 12 flashbang style shells.  Spare packs of 12 shells are available.

Kit includes:
Core Unit
12 Shells
2 Pins

If you are looking for a dynamic, realistic training device, but need an inexpensive unit, the Thunder B is the ideal training flashbang.  At well under half the cost of other similar units, and less than half the cost per use of some popular training flashbangs, the Thunder B is an affordable way to add realism to your airsoft or tactial training.

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