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MadBull SureFire FA762SS Suppressor 9.8" Mock Silencer

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MadBull SureFire FA762SS Suppressor 9.8" Mock Silencer

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Aluminum, one touch quick detach, -14mm thread, includes QD flashhider

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MadBull's new line of SureFire replica silencers is sure to be a hit among mil-sim and tactical airsoft players. These fully licensed mock suppressors feature full SureFire trademarks, realistic construction, and one-touch QD mounting systems. Each mock barrel extension includes the appropriate flash hider needed for mounting, and -14mm threads will fit almost all airsoft rifles.

SureFire silencers are some of the most advanced silencers on the firearm market. Their lightweight design and advanced sound suppression systems make them the choice of special forces and tactical teams worldwide. SureFire suppressors feature excellent sound and dust signature reduction, and are durable enough to outlast most rifle barrels. In a real environment, suppressors can protect a tactical team from permanent and temporary hearing loss, which can impede crucial communication. Sound and flash suppression will conceal team movement, and recoil reduction properties make faster follow-up shots easier.

The MadBull SureFire FA762SS mock suppressor is a replica of the Surefire 7.62 Semi Auto or Sniper Rifle suppressor. The FA762SS is 9.8" overall, but only adds 5.5" to the overall length of the weapon (measured from the original flashhider). The real SureFire FA762SS Suppressor weighs only 19 ounces; the MadBull replica also features lightweight skeleton construction. The QD flashhider is styled after the SureFire muzzle brake, and sits over the muzzle threads by 2.75". These flashhiders will fit most threaded airsoft rifles, but require at least 2.75 inches of exposed barrel to accommodate the overlap. The 556AR will fit standard AR10, Mk17, and M14 AEGs, or any other rifle with at least 2.75" of barrel to accommodate the overlap.

SureFire's one-touch quick disconnect system is replicated on the MadBull mock suppressors. Each silencer slips easily over the flashhider and indexes to the same point every time. The locking ring at the back requires only 1/8 of a rotation to lock, and is unlocked by pressing the latch and rotating it back. This installation is much quicker and easier than turning a silencer multiple rotations to install on threads.

Check out the information on the real SureFire FA762SS suppressor:

The FA762SS sound suppressor features a barrel overlap design that adds just 5.5 inches to the original length of your AR-10, Bushmaster A2 and A3, M1A, M14, or other semi-auto or bolt action rifle while providing superior sound suppression. The extra-tight suppressor bore is especially suited for sniper rifles. The overlap design requires at least 2.75" of clear barrel with a maximum diameter of .775", measured from the muzzle rearward.

-High-performance sound attenuation
-Rock-solid attachment in seconds without tools
-Minimal and consistent zero shift regardless of number of attach/detach cycles
-Redundant-welded subcomponents eliminate parts loosening
-Compact size and light weight, allowing full-time use
-Machined from heat-treated stainless steel, finished in tough, corrosion-resistant Surecoat
-Extreme resistance to heat and gas/particle erosion due to special alloy construction
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