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MadBull M4 Ultimate Hop Up Unit

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MadBull M4 Ultimate Hop Up Unit

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Consistent side wheel adjustment, fits most M4s, fits MB tracer LED

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The new MadBull Ultimate M4 Hop Up unit has new innovation that makes it the best M4 hop up chamber designed. The precise rotary dial, innovative chamber lock, and integrated tracer unit capability make for a more useful and accurate M16 hop up chamber.

In Mad Bull's 3-1 Ultimate hop up unit, two of the three new features are optional; one is included while the tracer unit is available separately. The rotary dial allows for more precise hop-up adjustment, while the chamber lock prevents BBs from falling out during magazine changes. The chamber lock can be disabled by removing the o-ring from the base of the hop-up unit.

With the new adjustment dial, the MadBull M4 Hop Up is easier to adjust and should be more accurate and consistent than older M4 AEG hop-up designs. Full metal construction gives durability.

Full Metal Hop Up Unit
60 Blue Bucking

Including a Tracer LED Unit (Optional, Sold separately), Chamber Lock, and Easy Adjustment Device.

(1) The LED Tracer Unit: You can buy it separately and attached to theHopup unit. Use your AEG battery and connect to your Tracer Unit. The LED can brighten the tracer BB when BBs are in the chamber.

(2) Chamber Lock: Designed by Brian Holt. With this new hop up designyou will not have to worry about losing and dropping several bb’s with a magazine change. This new design provides you with a way to keep bb’s in your AEG and ready to use and not on the floor. Even better, it stabilizes the top of the magazine to ensure a secure and flawless feed of bb’s into the AEG.
CAUTION: This hop up unit is designed for the experienced and responsible Airsoft player. With the magazine removed the AEG is still able to fire several bb’s. Always wear safety goggles and treat all Airsoft weapons as if they were loaded.

(3) Easy Adjustment Wheel device: Use TM G36 style adjustment device and apply on the M4/AR unit.

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May 7, 2016
Why wouldn't you want an integral tracer unit?
Whoever came up with this is genius. I've always wanted a tracer unit for my rifle but thought the mock suppressor units looked too plain. The ultimate hop up unit allows me to keep the externals looking however I want but still have a tracer unit to boot. The hop up works fantastic as well. Combined with a Madbull blue bucking its amazing.

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