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Gate TITAN Drop-In Mosfet Complete Set Front Wired

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Gate TITAN Drop-In Mosfet Complete Set Front Wired

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TITAN Drop in Mosfet with Programming card and USB module

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The Gate TITAN mosfet is the mother of all mosfets. The TITAN has all the bells and whistles plus some new innovations that puts the competition to shame. The TITAN completly replaces your trigger switch and cut-off lever giving it the ability to have more control than most mosfets on the market. The TITAN lets you adjust trigger sensitivity, pre-cocking, fire selector modes, and, ROF. The TITAN has 8 optical sensors, 1 for the sector gear, 2 for the fire selector, and 5 for the trigger. The battery protection automatically dectects how many cells your battery has so you can change batteries without having to reprogram if you are using different voltage batteries. It hosts a huge list of features and abilities.


  • TRIGGER SENSITIVITY ADJUSTMENT (Five trigger sensors allow you to control trigger sensitivity)
  • CONFIGURABLE FIRE SELECTOR (Two selector sensors allow you to use up to six fire selector modes, including innovative SEMI-BURST-AUTO mode)
  • CYCLE DETECTION (Thanks to the gear sensor, TITAN precisely detects in which position the cycle should finish)
  • PRE-COCKING (Gain a trigger reaction similar to a real gun)
  • BURST (The burst enables you to shoot a pre-determined number of BBs, which is very useful in MILSLIM and when using low-caps)
  • ROF CONTROL (Enables a reduction in a gun's rate of fire)
  • ROF STABILIZATION (Makes the intervals between shots in AUTO and BURST mode are exactly the same)
  • EQUALIZER (converts the rapid finger trigger pull action into a full auto firing sequence, at the end of which full auto mode stops)
  • SMART TRIGGER (It enables you to achieve a faster trigger response. It works with the ROF Control System)
  • BATTERY PROTECTION (When the voltage drops down to a critical level, the Drop-in Module will not allow firing)
  • LOW BATTERY WARNING (When the battery voltage drops to a specified level, the motor will vibrate at regular intervals)
  • SMART FUSE (If your gun becomes jammed, the SMART FUSE protects the motor and battery against damage)
  • ADAPTIVE ACTIVE BRAKE (Automatically adjusts the motor's braking power according to your needs)
  • MOSFET (Targets the energy from the battery directly to the motor, bypassing the mechanical trigger contacts)
  • BUILT-IN SELF-TEST (Allows you to quickly check whether the drop-in module is working properly)
  • 14.8V LI-PO READY
  • TITAN Drop-in Module
  • Tactical Programming Card
  • USB-Link for GATE Control Station App
  • Mini-Tamaya Adapter
  • Printed Quickstart Guide
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