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GATE NanoHARD Programmable MOSFET for AEG

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GATE NanoHARD Programmable MOSFET for AEG

Quick Overview

Advanced Programmable Compact MOSFET from GATE.

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The GATE NanoHARD is a multifunctional programmable AEG MOSFET with 8 functions. It is resistant to atmospheric conditions (Military Specification MIL-V-173C Coating), is rated for up 14.8 Volts, has a self Diagnostic mode, and features preinstalled deans connectors for easy installation with no soldering on the circuit board required.

Package includes:

  • Additional set of Deans-T Connectors
  • Single signal wire for trigger contacts
  • Double signal wire for trigger contacts
  • Programming button
  • Jumper (2pcs.)
  • 12 Month Warranty




The mosfet  bypasses the mechanical trigger contacts eliminating unnecessary resistance and Arcing. As a result you will gain a higher rate of fire, a faster trigger response and the contacts will be protected against burn out.

Active Braking ON/OFF

Is your Rate of fire so high that you get multiple shots in semi automatic?  Does your gearbox stop cycling with the spring partially compressed causing unwanted wear and tear on internal components?  Active Braking Stops the motor immediately after releasing the trigger preventing over cycle in Semi automatic.  The NanoHARD is GATES First MOSFET that allows for active braking to be turned On or Off.


If you are having issues with your AEG the Self-Test will allow you to quickly check the integrity of the MOSFET unit so you can determine whether the issue is mechanical or electrical.


Automatically Shuts off power to your AEG in case of failure.  The SMART Fuse monitors Voltage, Current, and Temperature to more reliably protect your internal components.

UVP Protection

LiPo batteries are very sensitive to over discharge. The MERF microprocessor constantly monitors battery voltage and cuts off power to the AEG before the battery is discharged to dangerous levels.

Digital Interface (Debouncing)

This provides full compatibility with micro-switches by preventing the negative effects of contact bounce. You gain a larger boost in ROF, a faster trigger response, and your MOSFET will be less prone to heating.


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