Magpul PTS Airsoft Products Discontinued - For Now
Posted: Jul, 30, 2013
Magpul PTS Airsoft Products Discontinued - For Now

Magpul PTS Products DiscontinuedWith the rise in popularity of airsoft, it was inevitable that companies would start licensing their names and designs for airsoft or training use. Magpul was one of the first companies to do so, manufacturing quality products through their own Magpul PTS division. This cooperation between a well-known firearms company and an airsoft parts production line was one of the first of its kind, and made official Magpul parts and accessories available to airsoft players, military simulation, and trainers alike. Unfortunately, that availability is coming to an end.

Magpul PTS Discontinued TemporarilyIt was recently announced that PTS would be discontinuing their line of Magpul licensed products. All stock still on hand is available, but production on Magpul PTS items is being halted for the forseeable future. This decision was made in conjuction with Magpul USA due in large part to the number of counterfeit items being imported not only as PTS, but also as genuine Magpul products. These counterfeits have made their way not only into the hands of firearm enthusiasts, but have also filtered into the military pipeline. When knockoff products and substandard fakes put soldiers at risk of a weapons failure, drastic actions must be taken.

Halting production and importation of genuine Magpul PTS items will make it much easier to identify counterfeits. Magpul USA is working with the State Department and USCBP to eliminate these knockoff items. PTS may reopen the Magpul PTS line at some point in the future, but this has not been specified, and would depend on various factors at that time.

In addition to the Magpul products that started off the PTS line, PTS has added numerous other companies to their portfolio and expanded the number of professional training products available for airsoft applications. PTS is also adding a number of new names to their lineup in the coming months, so while we'll have to give up the Magpul PTS products for a while, there will be new items for Milsim and firearm enthusiasts to fawn over.

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