KWA KRISS Vector Airsoft Gun Thread Adapter
Posted: Dec, 27, 2012
KWA KRISS Vector Airsoft Gun Thread Adapter

KWA KRISS Vector Airsoft Gun Thread AdapterThe KWA KRISS Vector is one of the most anticipated airsoft guns of 2012. When we finally got the KRISS Vector in stock, it wasn't long before it was flying off the shelves.

However, as anyone who's paid attention to the KRISS Vector knows, it looks best with a suppressor. The Vector airsoft gun uses 16mm threads, so you'll need an adapter to mount -14mm airsoft mock suppressors.KWA KRISS Vector 16mm to -14mm airsoft gun thread adapter

Fortunately, the 16mm threads on the KRISS Vector match the threads on the KWA Mk23. This means that the Lees Precision 16mm to -14mm Thread Adapter will fit the KWA Vector airsoft gun. The -14mm threads will allow for compatibility with most common airsoft mock silencers.

If you're looking to completely trick out your KWA KRISS Vector airsoft gun, pick up one of the 16 to -14mm thread adapters, and drop on a replica silencer. Keep in mind the real KRISS Vector is chambered in .45 ACP, so for authenticity, grab a suppressor marked for .45, like the MadBull SWR H.E.M.S or Gemtech Blackside.

KWA KRISS Vector Airsoft Gun