Murder Box A Tale of 1200 BBs

What is a Murder Box and why would you want a Box full of Murder you ask?  Lets start with the reason we created the Murder Box in the first place.

Everybody loves GBBs because they are fun to shoot but lets face it if your not into Milsim or training the realism offered by a GBB doesn’t offer you any edge over the competition.  GBB’s suffer from cooldown, cold weather performace issues, and low magazine capacitys.

Recently we have seen a large number of players adapting Green gas pistols to run off of a remote line, regulator and High pressure air tank.  Switching to HPA eliminates worries about running out of gas and is incredibly resistant to even very low temperatures.  Thanks to the CQB Russian HPA fittings the days of tediously tapping your Gas mags to HPA are over.  Just grab the valve for your make and replace the fill valve.  HPA pistol in minutes!

So you have converted your pistol to HPA.  Now you never run out of air, and cooldown is just a thing those other guys talk about.  What about Magazine Capacity?  If you run a pistol with extended magazines you have 50 rounds per mag.  Not bad for a pistol.  50 Rounds is still way less than the average AEG mag, not to mention HPA reloads are more complex with the air hose and fittings.

This is where the “MURDER BOX” comes in.  The Murder Box is a custom built 1200 round, electric, auto feeding box magazine for your HPA tapped Pistol.  The Murder Box Runs off of a 9v battery, can be stored up to about 30 inches away from the pistol. It is small enough to fit in a hydration carrier with an air tank, or in a small belt mounted pouch.

We currently Build them for the TM/WE hicapa models, TM/WE G-Series, and Echo 1 Timberwolf Models.  If you own a different Gas pistol this system can easily be adapted to pretty much any Green Gas Double stack pistol magazine.  CQB Russian makes drop in valves that fit TM, WE, and KWA.  Other brands like KJW or ASG will have to  be tapped for a standard 1/8 NPT Foster HPA Fitting until High Powered Airsoft finally releases their HPA fittings.

Even if you are the DIY sort we also carry all of the individual parts so you can make your own.  We even have video guides to help you out! Murder Box Tutorial Part 1 & Part 2

Step 1: Load Murder Box

Step 2: Slay bodies

Step 3: There is no Step 3, you slay bodies FOREVER!



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