MKM CQB gun porn


Look at those MKM CQB trademarks.

Back at Shot Show 2016 PTS Syndicate announced the impending release of their MKM CQB GBBR.  You can see the photos here. Recently our first shipment arrived.   Having spend nearly every waking moment with the rifles since the arrival, we can tell you they will not dissappoint.



Keymod, a great system for slim profile and fun toys for your toy.


The PTS MKM CQB, Manufactured by KWA, is a beautiful platform. Externally, they feature a monolithic Keymod rail system attached to a billet-style receiver.  The free float Keymod RIS allows for great flexibility when mounting accessories and equipment while maintaining a low profile.

In terms of length, here we have the regular KWA LM4C next to the MKM CQB.  As you can see, they are about the same length, with the PTS MKM stock being a little bit longer to allow for more storage.


pts mkm cqb

Length comparison of the MKM CQB versus regular LM4


New EPS rifle stock and EPG pistol grip!

In addition to the rifle itself, PTS has also included some new furniture that will be available seperately as well.  The included PTS Enhanced Polymer Stock(EPS) is sleek, low profile, and packed full of features like 2 QD sockets, a traditional sling loop, and more storage than you can shake a stick at.  If your not stuffing the storage space full of batteries for your AEG, and your not, the extra space can be used to store more important things like: the elusive KWA hop-up tool, frequently kidnapped by bbgoblins, valve keys, or skittles.  Seriously You can fit a ton of stuff in that thing. #JUNKINTHETRUNK

they have also upgraded from the traditional A2 pistol grip to their more ergonomic feeling EPG-C.  The EPG-C is a slim ergonomic grip that offers a 20 degree angle for a more natural feel.

So, for those who need a Keymod ready GBB SBR out of the box, pick up the MKM CQB before they become unicorns again!


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