Umarex CO2 M92 A1 Review

The Umarex CO2 M92 A1 is the latest in a lineup of very popular CO2 Blowback Pistols.  With the success of the Elite Force 1911 Tac series the M92 is sure to please, but we will get to that in a moment.  Lets start with the manufacturer specs.

Umarex CO2 M92 A1 Specifications.BRRRRRRRRETTA

  • Full metal construction.
  • Licensed Beretta trademarks.
  • Gas blowback with heavy recoil(thanks CO2)
  • 22 round CO2 magazine.
  • Full auto switch.  PEW PEW DIE!
  • Improved side wheel Top down center hopup.
  • 330 FPS with a .20g BB.

We took the Umarex M92 A2 to the range to see how it really works and the results were very good. The Blowback is very crisp, the Trigger pull is clean, and the heavy recoil is very satisfying.

The Umarex M92 Chronographed a 22 shot average of 338 FPS with a .20g BB.  There was a single high outlier at 362 FPS and 2 lows at 315 and 319 FPS. For the other 19 shots the maximum variance was 8 FPS with all shots being between 335 and 343.

In addition to the consistent velocity the Umarex M92 is also very gas efficient.  With a single CO2 cartridge we were able to fire a total of 106 shots and lock the slide open on 4 magazines.  We ran out of gas 18 shots into the 5th magazine.

Umarex M92 A1 Hopup

Umarex M92 A1 Improved Hopup

After running chrono tests we took the Umarex CO2 M92 A1 to the outdoor range for the real tests. Time to find out if this fancy new hopup actually works or if it is just a shiny wheel to keep you busy for a few minutes before inducing rage.

Good news!  The hopup functions well and has a wide range of adjustment.  While it is a bit tedious taking the slide off to adjust the hopup, it does seem to hold its place well so once the initial adjustment is done you wont have to worry about it often.


We were able to properly adjust the hopup for .20g, .25g, and .30g BB’s.  There wasn’t much adjustment left While using .30g BB’s so this is the heaviest BB I would recommend.  On the shooting range with the hopup adjusted for a .30g BB were able to get shots on paper at up to 40 yards, with the best performance at around 25 Yards.

In closing, if you are looking for a very gas efficient CO2 pistol with heavy recoil, and full auto the Umarex CO2 M92 A1 looks to be an excellent choice.  With Rebuild kits already on the way rest assured you can keep your sidearm PEW PEWing for years to come.




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