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They say flashlights are a great EDC tool in any situation. Trying to look for your cat under the deck at 3 AM? How about taking a night-hike at 4? Then there’s looking for your drunk friend’s keys because he dropped them somewhere in an alley of Portland and you need to find them before his car goes missing too. There are also many other uses for flashlights, be it used as a weapon light for your AR or as a paperweight. Today, we’re going to take a look at the O-Light M1X Striker, a pretty solid contender for a great every-day carry flashlight.



The O-Light M1X Striker stands proudly next to her box.

The box has everything you need for your light, except a pair of Cr123A/one 18650 battery, which really just consists of the lights, a slip of paper showing off more of their lights, an operations manual, and a Cr123 holster that keeps your batteries in one piece. It also comes with an attached pocket clip, some replacement O-rings in case your original ones are damaged, and a wrist lanyard so you don’t put it down and forget it somewhere, or trip and throw it a few hundred feet.


Jerry, our little angry battery friend who powers our light today.


The O-Light M1X Striker also has a wide range of brightness settings, from a 1000 lumens to .5 lumens, and a maximum of 360 hours worth of run time, all powered by the light’s bulb, a CREE XM-L2 CW LED, with a 190 meter/623 feet throw.

  • Turbo: 1000 Lumens @5 Minute Run time /550 Lumens @ 55 Minute Run time
  • High: 350 Lumens @ 2 hourRun time
  • Mid: 60 Lumens @ 12 Hour Run time
  • Low: 10 Lumens @ 60 Hour Run time
  • Moonlight: .5 Lumens @ 360 Hour Run time

Paint me like one of your french girls.

The build of the O-Light M1X Striker utilizes an anodized aluminum body, keeping it light weight, durable, and gives it a long, lasting black finish, and is also IPX8 rated for a water proof body, can be submerged in up to two meters of water, and can take impacts up to 1.5 meters. The dimensions of the O-Light M1X Striker measure at a length of 136mm(5.35 in.) by a diameter of 26mm (1.02 in.), and weighs in at about 80 grams ( 2.82 oz) making the light a choice for every day carry, or as a weapon mounted solution. The light also features a pointed strike bezel, and you can imagine what fun things you could do with that.


The one button to cycle through them all.

The operation of the light is fairly simple, requiring a series of tailcap button presses to quickly access a desired setting.

  • ON/OFF – 1x Tailcap press (With a click)
  • Momentary ON – Half-press
  • High Beam – 2x Half-presses
  • Strobe: 3x Half-presses
  • Moonlight – Hold down side button + Press tailcap



Red LED indicator of imminent battery death.

While the light is on, the user can also switch through the various beam modes by pressing the side button, or holding it down for two seconds to activate the strobe feature of the light. The side button also features a small red LED to indicate the battery is low, and that you should find yourself replacing the batteries soon.

The O-Light M1X Striker’s features make it a pretty decent light for a majority of uses, from weapon mounted solutions or as an every-day carry solution for the multitude of reasons you need a light. The O-Light M1X Striker can be found on our store here.







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