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Many Keymod users out there are using rail segments to adapt their accessories, like lights, for instance. There also are many other options for a direct-keymod mounting solution, like the BCM, Haley Strategic, and Arisaka mounts, but those range at much higher prices. We’re talking $40s to $50s range for gucci, name brand Direct mount options, and that often doesn’t include all of the hardware required to adapt the mount to your specific light.


Aim Sports Keymod Light Mounts

So, for the budget-shooters in both the real-steel and Airsoft world, we offer the AIM Sports Keymod Light Mounts offered in 45 Degree mounting and Cantilever mounted options for half the price of the gucci name-brand swag.


3mm Allen head for the Allen screw to remove the ring on the Aim Sports Cantilever Mount.

These mounts are made of 6061 T6 Aluminum and anodized black, weigh in at 1.5 ounces, and come in at 2″ long for the 45 degree mount, or a little shy of 3 inches not including your flashlight. They also feature a simple ring for a 1″ diameter flashlight, or you can forgo the ring mount, using a 3mm Allen head (which is included in the packaging) and attach a Surefire M600/300, or other Scout Lights like the Bravo Scout Light.


Bravo Scout Mini without the rail-mounted hardware, ready for attaching to the Aim Sports Keymod Cantilever Mount.



The Aim Sports Keymod Light Mounts also feature extra protrusions, to stop the mount from sliding out of place if you manage to bash your flashlight into say, a guy’s face, or more realistically, a doorway.


Aim Sports Keymod  Cantilever Light Mount base


Aim Sports Keymod 45 degree Mount Base

The Aim Sports Keymod Light Mounts is a great alternative to the other high-end name brand keymod light mounts out there, as it offers the same light options at half the cost compared to other high-end keymod light mounts. They are especially attractive if you are on a budget and can’t justify dropping the extra cash on name-brand mounting hardware.


Mounted into a KWA KR9. Hotness.


45 Degree with Bravo/Night Evolution Scout Light and a Vampire head.


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