Airsoft Lens Protector : A tale of one BB

A lens protector is a must if you like keeping your optics in decent view-able shape.  Airsoft optics can be a pretty decent investments, and one well placed BB will result in an expensive paperweight.  Fortunately there are some options out there to save your wallet from the pain of shattered optic lenses.

One day, a man came into our store to purchase an optic before heading over to the local arena to PWN some BB scrubs.  As a man of discerning taste he picked out a G&G GT1 Micro Red Dot Sight with the high mount.  We decided, with the nature of where he was going and the abundance of AIM Sports Optic Protectors we had on hand, it would be prudent for him get one as well.

He graciously declined our offer, and I couldn’t help but feel that we failed him.

lens protector shoulda coulda woulda

hey it could be worse. That could be your face.

A very short while later, he came back with a beautiful new display piece for us to illustrate the usefulness of said optic protectors.  The results of unprotected arena play can be seen in the photo to the right.

Now it sits in our optic shelf, with a lens protector standing vigilant over its broken and hollow shell.  It made the ultimate sacrifice as it took that fatal bb, buying precious seconds for that lone bbwarrior to slay newbs until the very end.

   That brings us to our next issue, protecting your lens protector with a lens protector protector, phew that was a mouthful, also just no.  Unfortunately, the base lenses that come with the AIM, MATRIX, and FMA lens protectors tend to shatter with close range impacts, as shown in this video starting at around 2 minutes in:

That was fast, one and done.

   AIM Sports does include TWO of those lenses in their package(because they knew you would need it).  Sadly, they are the same material. The final nail in the coffin?  They don’t offer replacement lenses separately, Essentially forcing you to buy another full kit.


sucks to be you AIM shield

   We are not indifferent to your plight and have responded to your cries for help with our brand new indestructible replacement shields.

   Indestructible!? We know its a big word but if you watch the video above, at about a minute in, you will see our Polycarbonate lens protector at work. I’m pretty sure it’s shattering BBs. Isn’t that neat?

   Our polycarbonate lens protector is a drop in replacement that fits the popular AIM, MATRIX, and FMA optic shield mounts.  At about half the cost of the original lens protector it’s a very reasonable investment. After all you really only need one, because it will continue doing it’s job protecting your optic until you lose it, or somehow catch it on fire(please don’t do this).

Generically named lens protector

Nothing says you care like a polycarbonate lens protector!

eotech lens protector

Its a dangerous world out there.




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