Magpul PTS RM4 ERG by KWA – First Look Review

The Magpul PTS RM4 Scout is the first of the new ERG, or Electric Recoil Guns, from Magpul PTS and KWA. The RM4 Scout is a carbine size rifle, but is equipped with a midlength handguard. As with other Magpul PTS rifles, the ERG series includes a Magpul designed receiver, MOE grip and carbine stock, as well as a rear MBUS folding backup sight.


The ERG series stands out for two design changes. One, the Electric Recoil, is driven by KWA’s Kinetic Feedback System. This recoil makes the gun far more fun than a standard AEG, and makes for a valuable training platform, since the recoil will require a proper shooting stance. The other is their empty magazine cutoff. When the magazine is emtpy, the follower will trip the rifle and the replica will stop shooting. After a new magazine is inserted, press the bolt stop paddle to continue firing. Another unique element to the magazine is the 30/60 capacity switch. The magazine will hold 60 rounds for skirmishing or extended use, but flip a switch, and the capacity is locked at 30 for realism in lowcap games or for training and practice purposes.

magpul_pts_kwa_rm4_erg_airsoft_gun_1We received an advance model of the PTS RM4 Scout by KWA and put it through its paces. Out of the box, these are shooting around 400FPS. Our test model was 380-395 consistently. The recoil is a lot of fun, but the most impressive part was when we got it out to the range. After adjusting the hop-up for .30g BBs, we were easily reaching 200+ feet effectively. This is fantastic for an AEG, especially one without a super-long barrel. Our target was 150 feet from the shooter, and it easily kept almost every BB on an 8×8 inch square at that range.

The gearbox design is also intriguing. KWA refers to this as their 3GX gearbox, and it’s been modified both to accommodate the working fake bolt and bolt release, but also to incorporate the kinetic feedback system. However, underneath all these add ons, it appears that the basic gearbox design is very similar to the familiar Version 2 and 2GX. This means that many, if not most, of the parts should be compatible with standard replacement or upgrade parts. Obviously there are proprietary parts in the design, but the piston head, cylinder head, piston, and gears should be obtainable.

One other upgrade from standard KWA AEGs is the use of a One Piece Upper Receiver. The Magpul PTS RM4 ERG has a one-piece upper, meaning the optics platform, barrel threads, and receiver sides are all one solid piece of metal. This makes it much stronger, and eliminates the possibility of the optics rail coming loose or wobbling with heavy optics, and is a welcome change. Additionally, the barrel is a standard AEG cut barrel, so aftermarket parts should fit. However, given the accuracy present out of the box, we wouldn’t recommend changing any of the parts KWA has put in here. Most people can’t beat the performance this gets in stock form.

magpul_pts_rm4_scout_kwa_erg_airsoft_gun_1 Overall, the Magpul PTS RM4 Scout is a fantastic rifle that really seems to live up to the hype. The recoil is fun and realistic, adding another level of simulation to your gameplay or training. The magazine cutoff is a nice function to finally see implemented, and the performance is outstanding. We ran this gun hard for our testing, and it never skipped a beat. If you’re looking for the next level in electric airsoft gun, the KWA RM4 ERG is it. Whether for personal or professional training, or for a realistic rifle to use in CQB or outdoor skirmishes, the RM4 Scout is the most realistic AEG on the market.


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