KWA and LWRC Airsoft News

While the first few days of the SHOT Show were fairly quiet for KWA in terms of new releases, they saved a stunner for the end of the week. KWA’s other products on display at the shot show are items we’re exited about, but had seen or heard of before. These included the KWA Sphinx SDP Compact, the Magpul PTS Mega Arms LM4, and the Magpul PTS ACR GBB, which will use the KWA LM4 system. However, on Friday, KWA announced that they had secured an exclusive worldwide license to produce LWRC International airsoft rifles and training platforms.


KWA’s press release confirmed that they will be making both Gas Blowback and AEG model LWRC airsoft guns. The AEG version will use KWA’s proven 2GX gearbox, while the GBB version will use the Force Velocity system proven in the LM4 series.

LWRC’s vice president of business development stated that “LWRC proudly announces our new collaboration with KWA.” He went on to say that they expect to produce replicas of the LWRC M6 IC, the PSD, and the famed LWRC REPR. The REPR is a 7.62×5, or .308 chambered precision rifle, which will be a standout model in the airsoft market.


The proven performance and reliability out of both the 2GX gearbox and the LM4 Force Velocity system will make a fantastic series of airsoft rifles, not only for milsim use, but also for professional and civilian training alike.




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