Knight’s Armament at Spartan Imports: 2012 News from SHOT Show

Knight's Armament SR-16 CQB airsoft Rifle VFC KAC SR16 at SHOT ShowThis year at the SHOT Show, Spartan Imports announced that they have finalized a licensing agreement with Knight’s Armament. This is great news for many airsoft users, both hobbyists and those that use airsoft for training. These rifles will be OEM by VFC, which means that they will include all of the features that make Knight’s Armament SR15 and SR16 rifles the functional combat rifles that they are.

In addition, new Classic Army products were on display at Spartan’s SHOT Show booth, including their upcoming Krebs Custom Tactical AK47 and the Tango Down ECR-5. We also caught wind of a brand new Classic Army product; read on for more information and photos.

KAC Stoner Rifle SR-16 VFC Airsoft Gun Knights Armament at SHOT ShowThe combination of VFC’s attention to detail and Knight’s Armament’s enhanced design makes these airsoft rifles some of the most feature laden assault rifles available. The KAC licensed rifles will be AEGs, or automatic electric guns, and are select fire. This corresponds to the Knight’s Armament SR-16 series of rifles. The SR16 receivers feature ‘Stoner Rifle’ and the KAC logo on one side, and ‘SR-16 5.56’ markings on the other. In addition to the trademarks, VFC has replicated every feature found on the civilian SR-15 and military SR-16 receivers. This includes the ambidextrous QD sling swivel mounts at the rear of the receiver, and a fully ambidextrous safety, magazine release, and bolt catch.

Knights Armament VFC SR-16 CQB Receiver KAC TrademarksThe rifles on display at SHOT Show all featured the KAC URX style rail systems as well. We saw a full size carbine with a 16″ barrel, as well as a CQB carbine with a 10.5″ barrel, and a PDW style SR-16 with a 7.5″ barrel. All 3 of the SR-16 models we saw included the rail mounted hand stop instead of a traditional grip. Both the 16″ carbine and the CQB carbine sported KAC 600m Flip Up BUIS, while the front sights were integrated into the URX rail. The 7.5″ SR-16 was wearing a slightly different rail system and had the KAC ultra-low profile front flip up sight, as well as the 600m rear BUIS. This model also sports the slim PDW style grip. All of the displayed Knight’s Armament airsoft rifles also included replicas of the Knight’s Armament compensator.

With the popularity of the KAC SR-15 and SR-16 rifles by shooters and Law Enforcement, these airsoft replicas from VFC should be extremely popular as training tools and for simulation enthusiasts. While there is no retail price set yet for the Knight’s Armament SR-16 AEGs by VFC, expect them to be in the $390-$450 ballpark. We were assured by our reps that all the items on display in the booth should be available in 6-8 weeks, barring interference from any loose hand tools.

SR-16 KAC CQB Airsoft Rifle VFC Knight's Armament at SHOT SHOWSHOT SHOW 2012 VFC Airsoft Rifle Knight's Armament SR-16 Carbine

FNH SCAR-L EGLM Airsoft Rifle Mk16 FN Herstal SCAR LightAlong with the Knight’s Armament licensing agreement, Spartan Imports is continuing to carry their officially licensed FN Herstal products, especially the SCAR-L and SCAR-H AEGs. These also are OEM by VFC, and are accurate airsoft replicas of the SCAR Mk16 and Mk17 rifles. The officially licensed FNH SCAR-L and SCAR-H SSR are already available at Airsoft Outlet NW.

Classic Army also had some of their own new products on display at the booth, as well as other new rifles that will be available from Spartan Imports (Maybe even one more KAC product?). Check out our next post for detailed info on upcoming Classic Army products and more photos from the SHOT Show.


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