Bioval .30g Airsoft BB Biodegradable Airsoft BBs

Precise bio BBs, resealable, accurate

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Bioval .30g biodegradable airsoft bbs


These precision airsoft BBs from Bioval are reputed to be some of the most accurate airsoft BBs available. Bioval BBs are fully biodegradable, and are ideal for use in all airsoft guns, including upgraded high precision AEGs or sniper rifles.

Bioval BBs are produced by Bioval Technologies in  Switzerland, and are constructed to the most precise tolerances. These biodegradable BBs are the only airsoft BB approved by the US Department of Natural Resources.

The Bioval Bio BB Non-Marking Ammo is specifically designed for use by Military & Law Enforcement personnel during (FOF) Training. Our proprietary ingredients combined with our stringent quality control enable the production of the worlds most accurate Biodegradable Non-Marking Training Ammo.

The BIOVAL BBB are very well tested and have passed an intense quality control system. They conform to the EU EN13432 standard of degradability and the ISO standard 3290-2001 G3 which is the highest industry standard for precision rolling bearings.

.30g BBs are ideal for accuracy, as the heavy pellet is more stable and results in increased accuracy. They are best for AEGs or other guns shooting 380FPS or more.

-Made of 100% natural ingredients
-100% inert
-Size: 5.92mm
-Non toxic
-Perfectly spherical
-4000 shots in resealable bag
-Conforms to EN13432 on biodegradability
-Each BB is a perfect sphere with no air bubbles and made of 100% natural ingredients.

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Written by:Jesse
best Bio BB's i have ever used
I usually use G&G BB's but they dont make a BIO Heavier than .28 so i tried these, they shoot like a dream, never misfeed in magazines, and are very consistent. well worth the price

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