A-TACS FG Jacket BDU Coat ATACS FG Top Foliage / Green

A-TACS FG Camo, Milspec BDU jacket

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A-TACS FG BDU Coat ATACS Foliage Green BDU Jacket


A-TACS, or Advanced Tactical Concealment System, is a radical new step in concealment technology, and is available in the BDU and ACU uniforms exclusively from Propper. A-TACS replaces all digital, square pixels with small, organically shaped pixels - removing 90 angles for a more natural appearance. Additionally, colors are sampled from real-world elements for enhanced concealment. The A-TACS design creates a "pattern within a pattern" effect which breaks up the human outline at greater ranges. The A-TACS FG pattern uses the same technology as the A-TACS AU pattern but is designed for wooded or foliage covered areas.

All Propper A-TACS FG uniforms are sewn to military specifications, and will be available in both the Army Combat Uniform and the Battle Dress Uniform clothing pattern. Constructed of 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton Ripstop for durability, BDU ATACS FG coats and pants are ideal for tactical operations in temperate, wooded, or other lush environments.

Propper A-TACS FG BDU Coat Features:

-65% Polyester / 35% Cotton Ripstop
-Sewn to Military Specification MIL-C-44048

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As one of the current contenders for the Army's new camouflage pattern system, A-TACS is an in demand uniform pattern. Some people love it, others may hate it, but it is a top competitor to be one of the most effective camo systems in use today.

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